West Highland Terriers - How Long Do They Live

I had been out for a walk together with my boy Jonathan and also Pepper our own Westie Dog by way of the seashore just where we reside. I met a neighbor known as John whom I had not seen for a long time. I was extremely shocked to see him by himself simply because he has a black Labrador retriever and the two were inseparable.

Naturally I inquired about Barney and the face just dropped. I realized some thing was awfully wrong. His answer was he was forced to put Barney down due to the fact he had developed cancer but it had come on so swiftly. He did not wish his dog and close friend to suffer.

I said to John I was extremely sorry. He understood I meant it as pretty much all people who love dogs do. All things considered it is the death of a member of ones own. Non pet owners can’t comprehend and I really feel they lose out of the love as well as devotion.

This news hurt Jonathan as he normally would have fun with Barney making a real fuss of him. It got me personally to considering just how long our own Pepper would live to. The west highland terrier normally should live to about Fifteen years when probably taken care of plus no significant health problem

He’s right now 11 years and I still cannot imagine he’s that old. Perhaps it’s a indication of myself getting old, due to the fact the kids appeared to have grown up within the blink of an eye.

I actually give Pepper a large hug once I got home and he also got some additional doggie snacks as well. I do not wish to take him for granted and definately will keep track of his particular health checks using the correct grooming for your westie. He always seems like just a little pup once more, each time he returns from the groomers. Need to likewise begin building up the westie photographs once again.

Therefore for those dog owners, please bear in mind to give your dog  and west highland terrier an embrace today.

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